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Saint John on the high seas is a small island with a lighthouse in the west of the Rovinj archipelago.The eponymous lighthouse St. John, built in 1853, is located on the most protruding islet of the small island archipelago in front of Rovinj.In addition to the cliff and the danger it once posed for navigation due to its difficult visibility, there is a legend that a Venetian doge almost ran aground on it while sailing towards Rovinj. The crew escaped the shipwreck at the last minute, and the doge vowed in his prayers for salvation to light a candle as high as the church bell tower on the way back from Rovinj, but in the end he did not light an ordinary candle. On the next voyage the same peril befell him, but this time he did not escape but disappeared with the whole crew.

№442 in Islands of Croatia

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The lighthouse is an eye catcher especially at night whereby it lights illuminates on the Island. It was a thrilling experience to learn of the legend. who disappeared with the whole crew. It was such a wonderful fairy narrative to listen to.
We visited this island for a staycation to escape the reality. we had a pleasant experience. the place makes the most incomparable tasty seafood. we had a wonderful and relaxing experience.
We visited the island and the first identical thing about the place is the lighthouse. We toured the lighthouse and enjoyed the marvelous views from the tower. Great experience at the place and would love to visit again.
This Island is so small. I took a boat to this Island. It hosts the lighthouse of St. John. It was built in the 19th Century. Touring this Island is an adventurous experience. The blue waters were nice to play with. The view was spectacular.
Being a lover of horse riding, I came here to enjoy this activity. I had so many horses to choose from. My guide chose the best horse for me. I later went hiking and then relaxed in the evening with warm drinks while watching the sunset.
very good!!!