The islet of St. Catherine


Katarina Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Rovinj archipelago. It is located only a few hundred meters from the city center, so it is easy to reach by taxi boats that depart from the small pier or Dolphin about every hour.The island of Katarina is dominated by Mediterranean maquis and old coniferous forest, and there are flower parks and paths near the hotel. The island also has a cultivated vineyard and a few old olive trees.The island also has an interesting past. Namely, according to the remains found in 1886, it was the first inhabited place in the area of ​​Rovinj in the Bronze Age. Until 1473, there was an ossuary on the island for the hermits, who were later settled by servitudes from the Order of Mary, who also built a monastery and restored the church of St. Catherine and erected the bell tower.The island came into the hands of the Paulini family in 1779, and in the middle of the 19th century it was bought by Matteo Rismondo who arranged the island and built the castle.

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We were from there a week ago. My niece took pictures of seagulls nesting and several batches taking care of their playful chicks. We sincerely enjoyed.
The steep rocky cliffs on some beaches lured me into cliff-jumping. Found out that the activity is popular and somehow safe. It was an adrenaline experience.
I could not get enough of volleyball, diving and windsurfing. Did not have enough time to try other interesting activities, but there are a dozen more. Next time though.
The private bays in the island are so serene with the cool air relaxing. Perfect sunlight for sunbathing. My lover and I enjoyed intimate moments with privacy guaranteed.
We were treated to a bus tour around the small island and saw many things. The cliffs were perfect for watching the golden sunset.
Shopping for artefacts and unique pieces of jewelry in nearby towns was an acheived dream. I loved the malls and small equipped shops there
Churches, parishes and basilicas have historical and religious documents in their archives. Architectural genius is visible in the old buildings that we saw.