The island of Sveti Andrija


Sveti Andrija (called Crveni otok in the second half of the 1990s) is an island near Rovinj. Mediterranean macchia and old coniferous forest prevail, and flower parks and paths are arranged near the hotel and the annex.There are numerous beaches on the island, mostly rocky with the usual coves covered with pebbles. The most visited are those on the south side of the island near the hotel and the annex, next to which there is a large number of service facilities: restaurant, swimming pool, mini golf course and more. A small part of the coast near the harbor is covered with gravel and is suitable for children and the elderly, while on the west side there are several higher rocks for jumping into the sea, and on that side generally gathers a smaller number of bathers and guests. The nearby island of Mashkin is artificially connected to Sv. Andrija, and the beaches on it are rocky or rocky with gentler notches and smaller bays, while the most visited ones are located near the snack bar on the south side.

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I really enjoyed my stay on this Island. There were diving rocks that made my diving experience was so amazing. My kids enjoyed playing on the sandy beaches. The view was so amazing. The accommodation facilities were clean and modern.
very good!!!
The trip to the island was one of the fantastic thing to happen to me. We enjoyed ourselves at the coast with lots of activity lined up for us for our vacation. Unforgettable moments at the tour as we went deep sea diving at the turquoise sea and loved the view of the landscape and the weather at the beach.
The experience at the beach was superb and we enjoyed the drinks and the entertainment at the beach bar. Lovely evenings with good vibes and good music and we had remarkable time at the island with amazing people.