The island of Pularija


Pularija (Pularije) is a small island or archipelago off the west coast of Istria.Pularia is mentioned in ancient geographical sources, by Pliny St., in Peutinger's map, and in the Anonymous of Ravenna (together with the islets of Sepomaia and Ursaria). According to Mayer and Mommsen, these are the Brijuni Islands along the coast of southwestern Istria, while A. Gnirs opposed this, thinking that it was actually a Cres-Loshinj archipelago.

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I visited the museum in the island where i learned more about the island from the available geographical sources. The artifacts were well presented and kept, the interior decor of the museum especially from the colour paint of the walls and the chandeliers was also something to marvel at. Very good.
I came to this place to enjoy swimming which was an activity that I loved. The beaches were clean with warm clear water. I sunbathed and played beach games with the friendly locals. It was an amazing vacation.
I can only describe it as not being like every other island one can visit. It is a beautiful place to visit, the blues waters surrounding it just makes you appreciate nature. A lovely place to say the least.
very good!!!