Known as the heart of the Neretva Valley, Metkovich, a city of history, culture, nature and sports, certainly has something to offer. With the river flowing directly through it, it is also surrounded by beautiful hills, making it the perfect place for a relaxing visit away from the shore.If you ask, Metkovich is known for the birthplace of some of the best handball players in the country and for the juiciest mandarin plantations. Apart from what the city is famous for, Metkovich also has a lot of hidden gems worth visiting.Metkovich, as well as the entire Neretva valley, is rich in flora and fauna. In addition to the soil improvements created by the fertile soil, the rich fauna is kept under the Pod gredom reserve.The mouth of the Neretva is an ideal place for adventure seekers, as one of the most popular kitesurfing locations in Europe. Located on the outskirts of Metkovich, the area is a paradise for kitesurfing thanks to the wind. If you are more interested in nature and bird watching, Ushche is the right place for you. With shallow water and sandy beaches, the river delta is the perfect habitat for various bird species, as it provides easy access to food and an ideal place to relax. With over 300 different species on 20,000 hectares of the Neretva delta, it is a dream come true for bird watchers.

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Metkovic town is worthy of much praise. My family always comes here to relax and enjoy the delicious seafood served here. The sweet aroma of fresh shrimps, lobsters, and fish is just mouthwatering. The kids always look forward to our trip to this town.
Since the time I set foot in this lovely town, I was captivated by its beauty. I especially love taking walks in the night and admiring the scenic views of the stars, sky, and sea. The views in this town are just unrivaled!
My friends and I had a blast in this town. We especially enjoyed taking boat trips in the pristine rivers while admiring the beautiful surroundings. This is such a magical town that should be visited by all.
I really had a restful trip to this town. I especially enjoyed taking walks while delighting in the ancient historical ruins. Sitting there while admiring the beautiful surroundings was very relaxing. This is such a serene and tranquil town.
Metkovic is a great town to take a vacation. My wife and I loved the elegant hotels with their clean and very spacious rooms. The service was superb and the staff very warm. We really had a restful trip in this town.
My family and I had a lovely trip to Metkovic. We especially enjoyed taking bike rides to the beautiful ancient towns where we admired the glorious ruins and rugged vegetation. The whole experience was just captivating. We look forward to the next trip.
My boyfriend and I took our vacation in this heavenly town and it captivated our hearts. We really enjoyed visiting the lovely shops and buying handcrafted products at great prices. The traders were really friendly and considerate. This is a lovely destination to take a vacation.