Beach Gnjilova


This small and secluded beach is situated on the very edge of the Vela luka bay on the south east of the island of Krk. Sheltered from the winds this beach can only be reached by boat, or by cutting across the countryside on foot. It is a little gem of nature, only 25 meters long with no amenities or natural shade available and ideal for anyone who wants to feel completely secluded.


The shore terrain here is made of pebbles and stones, as is the sea bed. The water level comes in low and after several meters turns deep enough to be able to receive a small boat. If you own one, don’t miss to make a stop at this charming wild cove, surrounded by rocks and grass and pristine blue sea.


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Introverts and people who want tsome quiet time from the norm of the city willl love this beach. It is a gem of nature because of how small and secluded it is. It is sheltered from the windand has no natural shade . This beach can only be reached by boat hence new and exciting exprience or by from from the countrside. It has pebbles and stones on it terrain and the water levels are low and increase after several meters . The beach is surrounded by grass and a blue sea.
My mother and i enjoyed the little, small, secluded pebble beach which is a gem of nature. The water level comes in low and after several meters turns deep enough to receive a small boat. I would recommend this to hiking adventurers since it is located among the mountains.
My fiancee and I had a beautiful romantic getaway in this location. the area is well secluded and only accessible by boat, which ensured that the population was minimal. We also enjoyed the open nature, sleeping under the stars and watching the sun set and rise together.
very good!!!
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