Vajavina Beach and staircase


Vajavina is a small cape in the north part of Vrbnik, its rock-on-rock terrain broken up with sunbathing plateaus, terraces, and a staircase with a hundred stairs leading from the top of the cape to its beach.

Loungers, side tables and parasols are available for rent, and we urge you to stop by, even if you’re not going to the beach, because the ambience of this open space is reminiscent of a vintage riviera.

The central plateau, also the larges one, was designed as a stage, and as the architecture made best of the rocks and the slope here, it is perfect for an outdoor concert.

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You can never get bored while in this beach. For me I took one of the boats that were available for hire by the shores of the beach and went for a ride. The waters are clear and you can see marine life.
Looking for an outdoor concert? Well, Vajavina beach and staircase is the place to visit. The architect made the best of the rocks and slopes there making the view eye-catching. During my next vacation I will still visit the place.
Visited this place with my friends for a relaxing day. We were able to carry our own parasol which was preferable though we later found out that the ones available were also quite affordable which we found convenient for anyone planning to visit without a prior plan. It was quite and interesting visit. The view of the place is just genuinely fulfilling and also gave some vintage vibes.
very good!!!
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