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The name of this beach, Mali Raj, translates as Little Paradise, and the name suits it perfectly. With its pebbled terrain, crystal clean sea, easy water entrance, pine trees creating plenty of natural shade, and a beautiful view of the sunlight sparkling on the surface of the sea this place will give you a heavenly beach experience. There is a beach restaurant near by with a selection of sea food on the menu and plenty of beverages for refreshments. Just like any slice of paradise, this beach is hard to reach. The easiest way is by boat or by renting a taxi boat service, but if you’re feeling up to it, there is a hiking trail leading from the outskirts of Bashka. Take care to find the right trail, though, since the terrain gets pretty rough at times. Despite it, give this divine beach a chance to impress you - the effort will be well worth it.

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So this beach means Little Paradise! The cool clear blue waters make the beach an amazing place to come and swim. The pebbled terrain, easy entrance to the sea, Pine trees creating a natural shade and the beautiful sunlight is just enough to have you coming down here every holiday. There is a restaurant that offers mouth-watering seafood and drinks. It may be hard to reach but you will definitely know why. You can choose to hike or go by boat; either way, it is worth every cent!
I loved the delicious seafood served in the beach restaurant . The food was served with plenty beverages for refreshments. I was enchanted by the magical beauty of this paradise through hiking.
This is indeed a little paradise away from home. The beach has a pebble terrain and crystal clear sea good for swimming. Just like any slice of paradise, this beach is hard to reach; can only be reached by boat. We enjoyed hiking with my friends at the outskirts of Bashka. This will definitely be worth it for you.
The sparkling sea was flashing our eyes in the most beautiful way as we enjoyed a meal at the restaurant with my friends on our trip to the pebble beach. The beach is not crowded and has a natural shed that was great for the summer temperatures.
Just as its name translation, this beach is a little paradise on earth. The pine trees creates plenty of natural shades . I took a video of sunlight sparkling on the surface of the sea giving me a heavenly beach experience.
very good!!!
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