Top 15 beaches on the island of Krk


If you’re thinking of taking a tour along the beaches of Krk Island, we just might have what you need. We have compiled a list of fifteen of the best beaches on the island, a selection that is sure to address any specific beach requirements you might have. Some of these places will make an excellent choice for families with small children and people with disabilities. Others will be perfect for those of you eager for adventure and finding hidden, hard-to-reach slices of the Mediterranean wilderness. None of them will fail to impress you, though, whether with their amenities or the beautiful sights of nature they are surrounded with.


1. The Golden Bay

The Golden Bay gets its name from the gilded look of the tall rocks that surround it. It is these rocks precisely that block any land access to the beach, which makes it accessible by boat only (and popular among boaters).

Gold is not the only treasure you will find here. There is also the turquoise sea, two smaller caves, and perhaps you might be able to see one of the griffon vultures that live here.

This bay is located on the west side of the island of Krk, not far from the town of Stara Baška, and its local names are Velo Čelo and Biškupići.

2. Oprna beach

We are still on the south-west coast of the island of Krk, in Stara Baška, at one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Krk, Oprna beach.

This beautiful small bay is sheltered by hills, rocks and vegetation, and is a good choice if you are looking for a nature beach that still offers a set of basic amenities.

3. Vela beach

A little further south, in the town of Baška, you’ll come across one of the most famous beaches of Krk island, Vela plaža. This city beach stretches along the Baška bay and is almost two kilometers long. It was awarded the Blue Flag way back in 1999. and since then it’s been vouching for the bay’s clean sea and accessibility.

4. Gnjilova beach

Gnjilova beach sits hidden on the south-eastern side of the island of Krk, a tiny wild pearl surrounded by fields, dry stone walls and low rocks. It is most easily accessible by boat, so if you have one at your disposal, we recommend that you sail your way towards this pretty location and get your daily dose of sun, sea and sand in complete isolation.

5. Mali Raj beach

Mali Raj beach, translated literally as Little Paradise, truly is a slice of heaven. It has all of nature’s elements you might need for a divine day on the beach: the shade of pine woods, crystal clear sea and fine, delicate pebbles.

You can get to it by boat or by following a hiking trail that starts in the town of Baška, if you want to go on foot.

6. Dubna beach

Dubna beach is a lovely little wild beach, located near Baška, surrounded by low hills and a beautiful turquoise sea. Since it is most easily accessible by boat it is not a crowded place, which makes it an excellent choice for all those who prefer to be alone.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to get to it on foot, just follow the hiking trail that will take you from Baška.

7. Jert beach

Jert beach has been awarded the Blue Flag and this award testifies to its quality and accessibility. In addition to a variety of additional amenities this beach can boast a gorgeous pine tree forest that provides plenty of natural shade for everyone. And while you’re resting in that shade, grab a cocktail at the beach bar to spice up your afternoon.

8. Sveti Marek beach

Sveti Marek beach in Risika, a small village located on the west coast of the island of Krk, is easily accessible to everyone - you can get there by car, and park on the large parking lot next to it. This sandy beach is particularly comfortable for children and the elderly.

9. Vrženica beach

Vrženica beach seems to have been made especially for those with an adventurous heart. It is located on the edge of the Vrženica canyon, near the hiking trail that leads from the Bunculuka camp in Baška. This peaceful and isolated piece of nature is surrounded by pine trees and a clear sea, and is the perfect place to take a break while hiking. When you get there you’ll find it attractive enough to shorten your route and enjoy the wilderness of Krk for the rest of the day.

10. Vela Javna beach

Vela Javna beach on the west coast of the island of Krk is a pebble beach surrounded by forests and rocks, and yet easily accessible to anyone who wants to spend the day in nature. You can reach it if you take the road leading from Vrbnik, or by following the gravel road from the Sveti Marek beach. If your pets are holidaying with you, it might be good to know that a portion of the shore next to Vela Javna beach is pet-friendly.

11. Melska beach

Speaking of wild beaches, we can’t leave Melska beach off this list. It is located in the cove of the same name, near the beach Vela Javna. Its terrain is made of pebbles and the seabed is sandy, so swimming and sunbathing will be extremely pleasant. As both of these beaches are located in the beautiful coastal wilderness of Krk, they are adorned with clear sea and beautiful views, but be sure to bring enough food and water because there are no additional facilities here.

12. Mala Luka beach

The landscape of Mala Luka beach (located in the southwest of the island of Krk) makes for a fantastic combination of pastoral and marine atmosphere. It is adorned with small hills where the local sheep roam freely, enjoying the same sun and sea air as you, stepping lightly without disturbing the peace and quietness of this pretty cove.

You can also admire the beauty of nature over a fine fish menu prepared in the nearby restaurant.

13. Porporela beach

Porporela beach is located in the town of Krk, and is one of its best beaches. The quality of the sea and a wide range of amenities have been awarded the Blue Flag, which makes this beach ideal not only for families with children but also for people with disabilities. You will be able to enjoy your time here on both gravel and sand, and since it is equipped with showers, toilets and catering, you will we well provided for even if you linger here all day.

14. Soline beach

Soline beach is located in the bay of the same name widely known for its medicinal mud. Even if you’re not in the mood to get muddy, this beach will prove to be perfect for all family members: the low sea level here goes on for about a hundred meters before it gradually starts growing deeper. The pristine sea and the extra amenities brought this beach its Blue Flag recognition in 2013.

15. Rupa beach

Another proud bearer of the Blue Flag is the Rupa beach, located in the center of Malinska, on the northeast coast of the island of Krk. This city beach is small and very lovely, bordered by a pretty Mediterranean park, and is accessible to children and people with disabilities. The section of the beach right next to the sea is made of pebbles; behind it runs the promenade that will take you all the way to the Hotel Malin.

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Thanks to the guide for its help, its because of the guide that i tagged along my disabled kid. True to the guide, some of the beaches such as Porporela beach was an excellent choice for my disabled child.There are beautiful sights of nature surrounding the island.
The guide compiled a list of 15 beaches to visit in the Island of Krk and out of the 15, we toured 10 locations. Almost all the beaches were suitable for both the kids and people with young families. We admired the beauty Mala Luka beach over a fine fish menu prepared in the nearby restaurant.
Mali Raj Bay and the Opana Beach were my best. Your guide had so many of them that I had to choose where to go. Thanks to the guide, I loved these beaches.
Vela Javna beach was a beach special and unique for us and our dog, it has a portion of the shore that is pet friendly. Vrzenica beach, was a perfect spot to meditate, we went for a hike into the pine trees, as we admired the beauty of nature. The guide was elaborative and well detailed on what to find in each place.
Oprna beach on the Island of Krk Is one of the most beautiful locations I have ever visited. The waters were cool and the atmosphere serene just as explained in the guide which made the whole experience more fun.
Most of the beaches are easily accessible by boats such Gnjilova beach.True to the literal translation of Mali Raj beach, it is a paradise on earth, we rested at the shades of pine woods as we enjoyed the fresh air in the surroundings. Thanks to the good guide for leading us to this wonderful place and making our tour remarkable.
very good!!!