Places you must visit on a three - day trip to Zagreb


Zagreb is the cultural, scientific, economic, political and administrative center of the Republic of Croatia. On the north, it is protected from the cold north winds by Mount Medvednica, and the vast plain and the Sava River open it to other sides of the world. A quarter of the total population of Croatia lives in Zagreb, which is almost a million inhabitants. For centuries, citizens have been coming from different parts of Europe, and in recent history from all parts of Croatia, and their contribution has enriched the culture of the city. For starters, Zagreb is one of the smaller European capitals whose historic streets are ideal for long walks. The pace of life is slower, and you can easily reach the main city attractions on foot. However, like any capital city, Zagreb also boasts a metropolitan flair, with lots of interesting things that will capture your imagination.

If you decide to spend 3 days in Zagreb and want to get to know the city as a local, visit as many places as possible from this three-day travel program in Zagreb.

Day 1 - Sightseeing in the old town center 

The old town of Zagreb consists of medieval Gradec (Grich) and Kaptol. All the main attractions of the city and sights are located right here. We bring you a list of Zagreb's favorite destinations that will take you on a journey in which you will experience what Zagreb has to offer firsthand:

 1.1. Kaptol - The existence of Kaptol, a settlement on the eastern slope, was confirmed in 1094 when King Ladislav founded the Zagreb diocese. Kaptol is a part of Zagreb in the Upper Town and is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archbishop in Zagreb. Due to its historical associations, in Croatian "Kaptol" is also used as a name for the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church in Croatia.

 1.2. Gornji grad - First inhabited in the 11th century, it is the oldest part of Zagreb with buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries lined down the beautiful stone-paved narrow winding streets.

 1.3. Grich Tunnel - The Grich Tunnel in Zagreb is a tunnel below Gradec (Grich) about 350 meters long, and was created in 1945 during the Independent State of Croatia.

 1.4. Dolac Market - Dolac Market nurtures its 80-year tradition as the main and oldest market in Zagreb. You will feel the vibe of the city and experience local flavors. Traders from all over Croatia supply the Dolac market with locally grown products.

 1.5. Lotrshchak Tower - a defensive tower named after the bell, in Latin Campana latrunculorum (thief's bell) because it rang every night to close the city gates. Nowadays, a cannon placed in the tower every day with a loud bang marks noon.

 1.6. Stone Gate - one of the gates that surround the historic old town of Gradec in Zagreb, and today is one of the best-preserved monuments in Zagreb. When the great Zagreb fire broke out back in 1731, all objects were burned, except for the portrait of the Virgin Mary from the room above the Gate, and it was truly a miracle that is still worshiped today.

 1.7. Church of St. Mark - The Church of St. Mark is one of the oldest architectural monuments in the city of Zagreb, and at the same time the oldest parish church in the city. It is located in Gornji grad, on St. Mark's Square.

 1.8. Ban Josip Jelachich Square - The main gathering place of locals with many shops, restaurants, restaurants and attractions nearby. In the middle of the square there is a statue of Ban Josip Jelačić after whom the square was named.

 1.9. Tkalchicheva ulica - Once a stream that divided the two oldest Zagreb settlements, Gradec and Kaptol, and today the liveliest street in the city. Tkalčićeva street is the center of Zagreb's cafes, restaurants and leisurely nightlife.

 1.10. King Tomislav Square - Among the people of Zagreb also known as Tomislavac, this square with its monument was erected after the Second World War in 1947. The square is located in the center of Zagreb and is a favorite gathering place for young people.

Day 2 - Cultural places in the city 

 Zagreb is also the cultural center of the country and is distinguished by a large number of museums and galleries with rich art collections.

Don't miss to visit:

2.1. Museum of Broken Relationships - is a museum dedicated to failed love relationships. It exhibits personal belongings left by ex-lovers, which are accompanied by brief descriptions. Initially, this was a traveling collection of donated items, but after a while, it settled on a permanent location in Zagreb.

 2.2. Art Pavilion - The Art Pavilion in Zagreb is a representative exhibition space that has been writing new pages of art history for 121 years.

 2.3. Chocolate Museum - This fun interactive museum is actually a theme park dedicated to chocolate - its historical, geographical and cultural significance.

 2.4. Croatian National Theater - a magnificent theater, one of the main symbols of Zagreb, built in 1860. At the entrance to the theater there is a famous fountain called the Source of Life (Well of Life), designed by the Croatian artist and sculptor Ivan Meshtrovich in 1905.

 2.5. Nikola Tesla Technical Museum - Nikola Tesla Technical Museum was founded in 1954. The entire building, which is an exhibition itself, will show you the development of science and technology and many of Tesla's historically important inventions.

Day 3 - Natural sights 

 Zagreb, although the main and urban center of the country, has not lost its natural treasures and has managed to maintain the status of a city associated with nature. Numerous landscaped parks, the Sava River, two famous lakes - Bundek and Jarun, and the nearby mountain with its Nature Park Medvednica are excellent, and favorite, places for locals and tourists where they like to spend every beautiful sunny day and weekend.

You can spend the whole day in each of the following places, choose what best suits your physical condition and interests:

 3.1. Lake Bundek - Bundek is a beautiful lake and park along the River Sava, a favorite weekend destination for the recreation of the people of Zagreb.

3.2. Lake Jarun - an oasis for walking and recreation very popular with all Zagreb residents and visitors. On the lake, there are many recreational facilities, as well as cafes, restaurants and clubs.

 3.3. Sljeme - On Medvednica above Zagreb there is a peak at 1033 meters above sea level - Sljeme. It is easy to climb to the top and enjoy the view of Zagreb on well-maintained trails.

 3.4. Maksimir Park - Maksimir Park is the largest masterpiece of garden architecture in Croatia, and one of the oldest public parks in Europe, opened in the 18th century. Inside the park, there is a zoo, several lakes, restaurants and landscaped trails for recreation.

 3.5. Zrinjevac Park - Zrinjevac is located in the center of Zagreb and bears the title of the first large city park in Croatia, and is a sign and symbol of general modernization. It is a favorite gathering place for young people, sports enthusiasts and a place where various events take place.


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