10 intersting places to visit on Cres


One of the largest, but least developed Croatian islands and a relatively untouched gem - Cres is a raw wilderness where you will find the famous Cres olive oil, 80 pairs of rare griffon vultures and only 3000 permanent residents.

The island has two different landscapes, green in the north - the Tramuntana forest and the less fertile one in the south. In the north, there are two settlements Beli - home of the eco center Caput Insulae, which works to protect rare birds, and the town of Cres with its harbor lined with cafes.

Due to frequent trading in the past, the island’s culture and architecture are diverse and interesting. And finally, its stunning landscapes are magical, making it one of the best islands to experience.

In this guide we bring you the best and most interesting places you can experience and explore on this unique journey:

1. Vrana Lake - Vrana Lake on Cres is a natural karst phenomenon and cryptodepression. It is named after the village of Vrana, which has a spectacular view of the lake. It is considered the deepest lake in Eastern Europe.

2. City Museum - the museum was founded in the early 20th century, but since 1973 it is housed in today's beautiful Arsan Palace, which was built in the early 16th century. The museum has a rich archaeological collection that tells the story of the entire island.

3. Church of St. Mary Magdalene - Cres Church of St. Mary Magdalene was built in the early 15th century, in 1402 to be exact. St. Mary Magdalene is celebrated in the Catholic Church on July 22, and her worship began as early as the 12th century.

4. Bejski tos - built at the end of the 18th century. Legend says that the construction of the ‘tos’ was agreed upon by three people, of whom only one name is known - Desantic or Dessanti. One gave the land, the other bought the tools and all the appliances, and the third gave the money to build and start work.

5. Church of St. George - St. George is the protector of knights and crusaders, as well as domestic animals, crops, farmers, land and shepherds. In Croatia, St. George is celebrated every year on April 23, as in history a prince was elected on that day. Cres Church of St. George is small with wooden benches and a central altar.

6. Frane Petric Square - Frane Petric Square is the main square of the whole island, and is located in the old town of Cres near the waterfront. The square is home to numerous cafes and restaurants offering a large number of local specialties and quality wines.

7. Waterfront - in the center of the island and the town of Cres, along the coast is a waterfront that daily counts many visitors who enjoy the view of the sea, the surroundings of Cres and untouched nature or seek refreshment in one of the many cafes and restaurants where you can taste various premium dishes made from seafood.

8. City Tower - the function of the Cres Tower in history was the defense of the city, and it was built in the 16th century for the Venetian authorities. Its solid walls have also had a defensive function throughout history.

9. Monastery of St. Peter - the female Benedictine monastery of St. Peter the Apostle was built in the 15th century. The monastery has a quality and preserved Baroque organ and altars from the 17th century.

10. Church of St. Mark - the parish church of St. Mark was built in 1851, in a secluded place surrounded by forest. It contains the famous Valun Tablet, a Glagolitic bilingual monument from the 11th century.


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The guide to interesting places in Cres is well detailed. I was thrilled to visit Church of St Mark that is surrounded by a forest. The scenic beauty of this place is to die for and offers a good photo background. It was an educative trip, i learnt that the City Tower was defense of the city.
I was awed by this natural karst phenomenon, Vrana Lake. The guide explained that it is a crypto depression and supplies fresh water to the inhabitants of Cres and Losinj Island. I enjoyed the spectacular view of the lake from the Vrana village and will bring my husband in the next visit. Awesome guide
I had a thrilling and adventurous experience touring this place. Through the guide, I located the places to visit. As I moved from one place to another, I was stunned by the architectural design and planning of this town. I really had a wonderful experience.
I found difficulties locating this site in Cres but when i found your guide, i was happy because the pictures were clear and communicated clearly to me about this place and the maps easy to read. Cycling around this place with my friends was a magical experience to us. Thanks a million times to you.
I got to know this place through the guide. I was overwhelmed when i visited Church of St Mark which contains the famous Valun Tablet. We relaxed at the Frane Petric Square as we enjoyed a variety of local specialities. The wine that i took was of good quality.
The guide really helped me to familiarize myself with this town. I visited the historical centres and they just appear as they have been described on the guide. It was a thrilling experience.