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July 13, 1579 is the date when the city was built by the Austrians and named after its founder, Archduke Karl von Habsburg.

There is a lot to do in Karlovac: from boating and swimming in the river to free concerts and visiting the only Croatian aquarium dedicated to freshwater fish - Aquatika. As Karlovac is one of the two star-shaped cities, it pays to fly over the city in a small plane and it is an amazing way to see a beautifully shaped city from the sky. A visit to the Dubovac castle is an interesting experience of the history of the town and fortifications in Karlovac. One of the oldest Croatian beer festivals, the Karlovac Beer Days at the end of August, is an extended weekend that includes various activities and free performances by some of the biggest Croatian music stars and bands. Also, there will certainly be a large selection of beers that you can try, with the representation of numerous Croatian and international beer companies, as well as a lot of gastronomic delights.

Karlovac is an interesting city to explore. At the confluence of the four rivers Kupa, Mreznica, Korana and Dobra, Karlovac is easy to reach. Let's explore this star-shaped city!

1. Korana River - the Korana River is special because we cannot take you to its source. It has no source. It is formed as a continuation of Plitvice Lakes, flows through the canyon, forming many waterfalls and calms down when it arrives in Karlovac. Like the Kupa, it flows through almost the very center of the city. Due to the unusual combination of dissolved minerals, its water has healing properties, so there used to be a medical spa next to it. It is the most popular river for swimming and enjoyment, especially on the Fogin beach.

2. Kupa River - the Kupa River is the longest, it springs in the heart of the Risnjak National Park and the remaining three Karlovac rivers flow into it. Sometimes very fickle, mostly calm and quiet, it becomes dangerous when angry. So, it washes our streets and keeps us busy building an embankment. The only mystery is why the river that springs only 30 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea flows in the opposite direction like no other river in the world?

3. River Mreznica - The river Mreznica has two sources, unlike the Korana which has none. Those Karlovac rivers are strange. It is known for its travertine barriers and waterfalls. By careful counting, we have established that there is exactly an infinite number of them. The best way to get to know the river is by kayaking.

4. Fogin's Beach - for those who like relaxation and rest, it is important to mention Fogin's Beach, arranged and today a very attractive river beach on the beautiful river Korana. On the beach, you can enjoy various activities such as volleyball, basketball, bocce and similar sports, and in the water, there are a variety of devices that will entertain the youngest.

5. Museum of the Homeland War - in the city district of Turanj in the town of Karlovac, there are old preserved Austrian barracks, which have now been converted into an incredible Museum of the Homeland War. It was in this position that a fortress called Turanj stood, one of the most important defensive points of the whole city.

6. Ethno house Vucjak - Ethno house Vucjak is located in Vucjak and is an interesting tourist destination for all who want to get acquainted with the tradition of the old, fortified town of Karlovac and its surroundings.

7. Aquatika Aquarium - on the banks of the Korana River in Karlovac is a beautiful aquarium called Aquatika, and it is adorned with the title of the first freshwater aquarium in all of Croatia. The purpose of this aquarium is to educate young people about the biodiversity of this country, the importance of conserving diversity, and to educate them about the importance of maintaining natural order and harmony in nature.

8. Old Town of Dubovac - the Old Town of Dubovac is the oldest monument in Karlovac, not only because of its rich history but also because of the pioneering decision to preserve it in the name of collective memory. Namely, it has been in municipal ownership since 1896 and is open to the public ever since.

9. Duga Resa - Duga Resa is a charming town in Karlovac County, located about ten kilometers from Karlovac. Duga Resa with its surroundings seems to be created for an active vacation. Here you can enjoy beautiful walks along the Tusmer promenade on the hill Vinica, enjoy cycling along the most beautiful river in Croatia - Mreznica, try canoeing, hunting, etc.

10. A walk through the solar system - when you are in Duga Resa, a visit to this landscaped promenade is a must. Namely, a promenade was made through Duga Resa along the river Mreznica as a tourist attraction that evokes the greatness of the solar system. The promenade itself connects other cultural sights of this city, which was mostly developed during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.


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