Mrgari on Lipica


Mrgari are drywall buildings intended for the occasional collection and sorting of sheep. They consist of a common central space of the hall and, like flower petals, are arranged in squirrels, which are individually owned by the shepherd.

They were used in such a way that all the gathered shepherds drove the sheep from the commune (pasture) towards the funnel-shaped entrance of the mrgar. When the sheep gathered in the hall, the entrance would be closed and each shepherd would separate his sheep and lock them in his snout. When he would do the work in the mrgaric (inspect the sheep, shear them, or whatever), he would drop them through the outer opening of the mrgaric back to the commune.

The peculiarity of these stone "flowers" is that you can find them only in the southern part of the island of Krk. They were built only by shepherds from the Baška valley, and not all of them. The shepherds from Baška, Batomlje and Jurandvor are responsible for this rhapsody in stone, while the shepherds from Draga Bašćanska did not use this method of sheep breeding. Mrgara has ten, five on each plateau, and five more on the neighboring island of Prvić, which are used for grazing by the same shepherds from these places.

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very good!!!
We visited Mrgari on Lipica and witnesses the beautiful ancient technique of engineering in construction of dry wall without using binding materials.The sheep pens is flower shaped to sort according to owners. Magnificent.
Thank you Mrgari for the unforgettable experience. We enjoyed the ride and the landscape. The trail is easy, and after an hour of riding, we stopped at one point to take some pictures and to take a break from riding. After that, we had a picnic with meat, salads, and vegetables. I highly recommend this place to every tourist!
My tour to Lipica was of much fun. Booking train to survey the nearby places was amazing. I will come back to Lipica.
I enjoyed learning about the construction of the drywall buildings for sheep assortment
It was really a great adventure for me and the lads. The flower shaped dry stone folds were amazing and the vast land surrounding it was breath taking.
I did book a horse ride in Lipica. It was an interesting experience. Much love for this place.
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