Stare Stijene Pasjaca Beach


Stare Stijene Pasjaca is great for all lovers of peace and quiet. The beach is completely isolated, almost inaccessible, so intimacy is guaranteed. A small descent leads you to the beach, which in part passes right through the big rocks, so you will have the impression that you are in a natural tunnel. The beach is made of fine pebbles and is protected by cliffs and rocks from the public eye. When you come to the beach, be sure to bring everything you need, as you will not find any additional facilities or facilities on or near the beach. Also, if you are heading to come here, try to leave early in the morning so that someone else will not take it.

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In as much as am not a good surfer, I can say without any fear of contradiction that indeed this place is perfect for surfing. I enjoyed a lot watching more professionals surfing by their wife in the beautiful sea. I would definitely recommend you to visit these places.
I enjoyed the tranquility of this beach, it is well isolate and almost inaccessible guaranteeing intimacy when one visits. It is full of natural occuring features that can make the plce feel magical, it is a fine pebbled beach and is protected by cliffs and rocks from the public. My wife and I had to pack everything we needed to spend time here, we went early in the morning, best time to visit. Considering another visit.
It was a great decision to honeymoon in this location. The place is quiet and serene, except for the occasional waves. My wife and I enjoyed spending time on the beach and strolling around in the evening to capture the beauty of nature.
very good!!!
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