Orphee Beach


Orphee Beach is located in Plat near Dubrovnik. It is beautifully decorated, surrounded by a stone wall and enriched with an offer from a nearby restaurant. The beach is spacious, made of pebbles and suitable for all swimmers. Mild access to the sea is suitable for more skilled swimmers, but also for children and people who swim less. The background of the beach is decorated with old brick houses and high green fences around them. The beach is dominated by colorful umbrellas and stretched deck chairs. This beach is equipped with changing cabins, has a marked bathing area and a beautiful promenade with benches behind. When you are satisfied with swimming and sunbathing, dry off and take a short walk to a nearby restaurant. Here you can enjoy delicious meals or refreshing drinks.

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my wife and I had a blissful vacation experience in this location. Most of the days we would swim out to the open waters to the areas secluded for more advanced swimmers. Other days we just enjoyed basking in the sun and getting a natural tan. We will visit again soon.
If you like sunbathing and diving then this is the place that you should visit next. The infrasture have been developed to cater for both activities as the core. I specifically like sun bathing and there are beautiful beanches that you can choose to lie on.
This pebble beach is surrounded by a stone wall and has a nearby retaurant that akes it worth visiting. In addition to this it is beautifullly decoraated with mild access to the sea and is suitable for swimmers, i guarantee you will enjoy swimming here, it is equipped with changing cabins, a marked bathing area and resting benches. I enjoyed swimming and the delicacies from teh nearby restaurant, visiting again next summer.
very good!!!
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