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The area of ​​about 9.2 km2, southwest of the island of Silba and northwest of the island of Shkarda, is the island of Premuda. There are 2 ports on the island: Loza which is to the north and Krijal, to the south where a new ferry port has been built. Near Premuda there are many attractive diving sites such as the popular "cathedral "cave system, which enchants with its beauty. The wreck of the Szent István is only available to the most experienced divers.Numerous bays are submerged parts of short, dry, transverse valleys; the largest of these are Premuda and Zaporat on the southwest coast, well protected from the bora. Southeast of the bay Zaporat, the coast in some places drops sharply to the sea.The island village of Premuda is located in the interior of the northern part of the island. Apart from a small spring of brackish water in the Loza bay, there are no other springs or surface watercourses on the island. Premuda is mostly covered with shrubs and low forests. The island has a daily fast boat connection with Zadar, and in the winter season the ferry travels three times a day (every day in summer). There are apartments and rooms for rent on the island, and the number of tourist visits is increasing from year to year.

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very good!!!
I always have a relaxing vacation on this island. I love walking on the boardwalks along its pleasant coastline admiring the scenery. Sometimes I sit on the piers and enjoy the perfect sunsets. This island is just magical.
Premuda island has some unique places to visit. My friends and I visited the art galleries and admired all the rare collections. We later bought a lot of souvenirs sold at the small shops at discount prices. What a fabulous island.
This island is very pretty. I particularly loved its beaches where I could swim with my whole family including my small babies. Some spots were sandy and others pebbled and had awesome facilities. I recommend it to all families even with small kids.
Every ancient civilization's architectural styles lover should visit Premuda. I had a great time visiting the museums and ancient towers and admiring them. The guides were really knowledgeable and told nice stories about the structures, It was a fun trip.
My kids are in love with this island. We vacationed here and after watching the adorable dolphins play and even touching them, the island captivated their hearts. They now never get enough and always insist on coming to Premuda.
I always love alone time and where else to enjoy it, Premuda. I love taking quiet walks and visiting the beautiful cathedrals that have serene environments. I always recharge after spending time in solitude inside, enjoying the quiet moments.