Lastovo Islands Nature Park


The islands of Lastovo are located in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea, 14 km south of the island of Korcula. The Lastovo Islands Nature Park is the youngest Croatian nature park, declared in 2006. It includes 46 islands, islets, cliffs and reefs (the largest of which are Lastovo and Sušac) with very indented coasts, bordered by the stone lights of Sushac, Tajana, Glavata and Struga. The special value of the whole area is given by the sea and the seabed with a rich and diverse wildlife.Another factor that contributes to the uniqueness of the Lastovo islands is the rich cultural and historical heritage: countless stone churches, picturesque fumaroles and the traditional Lastovo carnival. We must not forget the local population, which proves that the coexistence of nature and man is possible with increased awareness of ecology, so thank you for preserving this pristine pearl of the Adriatic!When you are in the park you can choose between two educational trails. One path is the Church Way. The trail will take you along the paths taken by the old people of Lastovo, and on this trip you will visit some of the most beautiful stone churches on the island of Lastovo.The second, a little more popular is the educational trail Across the Present to the Past, which passes through the town of Lastovo, connects natural beauties with valuable cultural heritage, and takes you through places where the social and cultural life of the people of Lastovo took place.

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very good!!!
The natural features and scenery of this Island were s unique.The educational trails were so lovely. I enjoyed its scenic view it was so therapeutic.. The islets, cliffs and reefs were so spectacular and magical..The beauty of this park has indeed been preserved
The boat ride to the island was wonderful for me i really loved it, the main island occupies a really huge portion. It has so many sites to visit from cliffs, reefs and historical sites. I enjoyed swimming on the coast and the view of the sea as i was sand bathing. it was a remarkable trip.
The island was really a great visit. We walked both of the trails that were the church trail and the educative trail and got to learn about the spiritual history of the place and the people and also learn about the social and economic history respectively. It was worth it.