Island of Goli


Goli is an island about 6 kilometers from the mainland and 5 kilometers from the island of Rab. Most of the island is bare rocky slopes with sparse grass, and the southwest coasts of the island are low and accessible for bathing. There are no permanent residents on the island. After the conflict between Tito and Stalin in 1948, the Yugoslav authorities established the Goli Otok political camp. Prisoners were forced to do hard physical labor in the quarry and bauxite mines. The prison ceased to operate in 1988, and the abandoned ruins remain to this day.

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This place had a great measure of privacy. I loved the cool air together with the beautiful vegetation. I enjoyed most riding and long walks along the beach. It was amazing to be here.
very good!!!
Island of Goli is well known for the abandoned prison. It is a great place we toured thou the place has not been preserved well.
The island of Goli has got beautiful scenes. We took photos that are still in our phone gallery. My experience was superb
My adventure to Island of Goli was great. I enjoyed diving and snorkeling along the sea. Classic experience.
Alot of water sports are done in this place. It was a nice experience I encountered in the Island of Goli. Amazing.
The Island of Goli has rich fish species. We did fishing activities . They were so good.