Vrbovska je najmanji gradić na sunčanom otoku Hvaru koji se ističe svojim položajem-skriven u dubini zaljeva u kojem dominiraju netaknute borove šume, kulturne znamenitosti s obilježjima gotike,renesanse i baroka te arhitekture protkane s uskim zavojitim cestama. Vrboska ima vrlo lijep otočić usred zaljeva povezan s mostovima, pa je dobila ime Mala Venecija.

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As an art lover, i loved the architectural designs that interwoven with narrow winding roads, they made me admire and also appreciate the work of craftsmen. A walk into the pristine pine forests with my friends was thrilling, perfect way to meditate.The cultural sights with a Gothic renaissance and baroque features are worth to see too.
We enjoyed our visit to this small town. We walked under the tall pine trees and experienced a cultural sight with renaissance and gothic elements that link into a winding roads. This location is beautiful and will be worth your time.
Beautiful island with a great town and awesome pine trees around the town. We went for a walk around the town and loved the view of the bay and the gorgeous Romanesque buildings that are scattered around the town.
This small town in the Island of Hvar just stands out. I walked past its streets and i was able to see how the Gothic, renaissance and Baroque style had blended in together to make this town magical. The buildings in this town are really well planned and constructed. It has a unique architectural design.
This small beautiful town has an Island in the middle of its bay. I swam on the beach and felt refreshed. I loved the beautiful scenery. I enjoyed watching watching the sunsets.
very good!!!