Jezero Butoniga


Ovo umjetno akumulacijsko jezero-Butoniga, napravljeno je 1988. kako bi snabdjevao okolno područje ( pa sve do Pule ) pitkom vodom. Zbog karakteristika jezera, plivanje i slične aktivnosti, a i ribolov nisu dopušteni, osim početkom prosinca, kada se tamo održava međunarodno natjecanje u slatkovodnom ribolovu.

№538 in Lakes of Croatia

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(4 reviews)
I visited the lake during the December holiday and got a chance to participate in the swimming competition which were very competitive. The water from the reservoir is clean and fit for drinking. We had fun.
The beauty of the migration of winter birds at this place was real. We watched the birds come from various places and settle here. It was a wonderful experience as we watched the birds settle and build nests. Some were noisy yet others worked in silence. I was amazed by what mother nature could do. I enjoyed myself.
An interesting place to visit in my opinion, especially during international competitions when fishing happens, the experience is just thrilling. Visiting this place for me and watching the competitions take place was a lot of fun.
very good!!!