Zakerjan Beach


Zakerjan Beach is located on the east side of the Old Town on Korcula and is also one of the oldest such beaches on the island, very popular among locals. The beach is pebbly with stone blocks and ladders for easier entry into the sea. Also, here the sea is quite deep and clean and that is why the beach with its surroundings is popular for diving. Due to its location, the beach is easily accessible to everyone, and in the immediate vicinity you will find all the facilities and facilities you need.

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The beach is nice and clean with beautiful pebbles surrounding it. It is however not ideal for children and beginners as it is quite deep and therefore mostly used by divers
I would highly recommend this place to people who like diving since the sea is deep and very clean. The beach has pebbles and is easily accessible. The beach is so popular among people of the area and usually has a lot of people during summer.
As a person who loves deep sea diving, I really enjoyed every moment in that beach with how clean and clear the water was and presence of facilities such as ladders and stairs for easy exit from the sea. The drinks from nearby pub were also readily available
very good!!!
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