Puntin Beach


Puntin Beach is located on the north side, on the edge of the Old Town of Korcula. The beach is popular with local sailors and the rest of the population. The beach is pebbly with large stone slabs that make it great for sunbathing during the day and romantic watching the sunset in the evening. Several local cafés are located right next to the beach serving a variety of food and drinks, and there are shops nearby.

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The aura of this beach is so romantic. It is also pebbly which makes it so beautiful. I enjoyed walking barefooted since it was so clean. I also enjoyed sunbathing in the stone slabs. I recommend you to carry sunscreen and visit this place.
The view of the setting sun from the beach was amazing as I enjoyed a cup of sweet coffee served from a nearby café. Being an introvert I enjoyed the quietness and the uninterrupted feeling while at the beach
I loved the view of the beach while I was sailing by due to the beautiful pebbles arranged in the sea. It was less crowded and I spent there roughly two hours of peace and calmness. I would love to visit again
very good!!!
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