The Church of St, John the Baptist


The Church of St. John the Baptist has been standing on the small hill on the north east side of Bashka since 1232. It was destroyed by the Venetians in 1380, rebuilt, and served as the parish church till 1740. It was shorty abandoned sometime in the 19th century when the local population moved to settle closer to the shore.


However, after the cholera broke out, the church was once again restored and made ready to for regular use in religious services.


The most recognizable feature of this church is its bell. It was added in 1431 and named “The Old Man” (Starac). The bell is now on display in the annex of the church that has been transformed into the St. John’s Gallery.


To get to the church you simply need to follow the popular Bashka promenade named Mjesečeva šetnica ("To the Moon and Back" promenade). The view from the top extends over the entire Bashka Valley and the island of Prvich.

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Palada ul. 84, 51523, Baška


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