The Church of Our Lady of Gorica


Built in 1415, this church is one of the oldest sacred locales in Croatia - it has been the place of pilgrimage for devotees since the 16th century.


According to local legends, the original church of Our Lady was built in the 11th century, in a small place in the Bashka Valley called Gorichica. Because of constant pirate threat, the angels are said to have moved the statue of the Madonna to the nearby hill in Batomalj, where the new church of Our Lady was built in the 15th century and where it still stands today.


The artwork inside the church, including the altarpieces, was made by the Croatian painter Celestin Medović back in the first half of the 19th century. However, the most distinctive feature of this church are the 237 steps that lead to it. These votive stairs were built between 1887 and 1891, just a decade before the church underwent reconstruction in 1902.


Another interesting detail about this church is its bell. Made in 1459, it is rung to announce the arrival of the Bishop of Krk to the Bashka Valley.



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