Church of St. Lucy


The peculiarity of this location goes back to the very history of the sovereignty of the Croatian people. Church of St. Lucije is the site of the Baška tablet - an old Croatian document in which the Croatian name was first written in the Croatian language, in the Croatian Glagolitic alphabet. Tourists from all over the world come to see one of the oldest and best preserved carved documents in Europe.

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Jurandvor 148/A, 51523, Baška


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We were thrilled to learn the Croatian language written on the old tablets here. The trip was informative and the guides made sure no information left untouched. Must see for everyone
What I loved most about church of St Lucy was the amazing lighthouse. It is the best spot that help people navigate the church compound during night time.
The animal flower cave is a beautiful place we visited at Church of St Lucy. My younger brother and I took snaps with the best camera we had brought. Oustanding place.
I really enjoyed the scenery, the weather was calm and very welcoming. I will definitely revist in the summer.
very good!!!
The church has an interesting historic story and the building is beautiful with a bell at the top. I loved the peceful and qietness of the place.
The church is rich in Croation history. During our visit there we watched a film on the the famous Baka Plate and learnt alot of Croatioan names and how important the plate was and still is.
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