Vela Beach


Bashka's Vela Beach is certainly one of the most beautiful natural beaches in Croatia with very clean sea. The beach is completely natural, the sea is turquoise blue, and big waves are fortunately for sailors and surfers very common, beginners can rent equipment or enjoy the view from a nearby cafe. The beach itself is 1800 meters long, marked with the Blue Flag which means an extremely preserved, safe and pleasant environment and the purity of the sea and the beach, has enough content that everyone can enjoy it.

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public beach



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Baška, 51523, Krk


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We were entertained with live music performances as we grabbed our drinks. The music was refreshing and relaxing, while at the beach bar, the views of the view of the open sea was spectacular. Also, suitable for people with disabilities especially those who use wheelchairs.
The beaches big waves were suitable for surfing. It was fun surfing on the huge waves of the sea. We enjoyed the view of the sea from a nearby cafe.
We enjoyed SUP and parasailing in the blue sea stretching in front of us meeting the horizon. It was a worthy vacation and we were entirely not disappointed. You Can also water tubes and water mattresses to enjoy your time in the sea. There is also a part of the beach that has been designated for visitors with pets.
Lovely beach for wheelchair users, children and non-swimmers, with deckchairs and beach umbrellas available for rent. I went parasailing and riding on the tourist train which was equally fun.
The purity of the sea and the beach had enough content for us to enjoy. I loved to watch the sun rays dazzle on the turquoise blue colour of the water. As a beginner, I rented sailing equipments for enjoyment.
this beach is clean and completely natural. You can rent equipment here or even enjoy the view from the cafes here. The beach and sea are clean and beautiful. The breeze from the sea is also calming.
It was fancy to sunbathe on the terrain of this beach which is made of small pebbles and fine gravel. As a beginner in swimming, the shallow water of the sea were favourable for my swimming. It is very clean and well maintained.
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