Supljara Cave


Shupljara is a cave located along the eastern edge of the Lower Lakes, in a limestone canyon above the path that leads to Lake Kaludjerovac. Baracheva Caves are located about 16 km from the Plitvice Lakes National Park. They are connected with the underground flow of the river Korana which comes out of the waters of Plitvice Lakes and the stream Plitvice. They consist of three caves: Large and Small, Upper and Lower, and New Barach Caves. The upper Barach Cave is arranged for tourist sightseeing.

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D1, 53231, Rastovača


(8 reviews)
very good!!!
The inscriptions on the walls of this location gave an in view of how the people who lived here co-existed. I will take my wife here sometime
I adored the fine art on the walls of the cave, it was very relaxing walking inside, and the place was quiet in a great manner
It was amazing to sight-see the shupljara cave. I admired the great features by taking snaps. Amazing.
The tour in the caves was splendorous with amazing features in the caves to see and had fun. We loved the underground river and the guide was awesome and informative.
Walking into this cave gave me goosebumps. It was an amazing experience. The Stalactites were amazing to see
Shupljara cave is located in a limestone canyon. I enjoyed looking at different small holes which diverted to form big tunnels. A great place to tour.
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