Galovacki Buk Waterfalls


One of the favorite attractions of the national park. Galovachki buk is an amazing 16 meter high waterfall located in the heart of the Upper Lakes. It consists of the entry of the waters of Milino Lake and Galovac, which descend into Gradinsko Lake. It used to be much taller and wider, but due to the many fallen trees and debris, the waterfall is much smaller today, but equally beautiful and amazing.

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To nije Galovacki buk. Ti slapovi nisu imali ime do prije nekoliko godina, a sad ih zovu Pevalekovi slapovi. Vidoki su oko 12 metara. Galovacki buk je prvi iza Pevalekove ploce, to je jedan slap i visi od tih sa slike.
very good!!!
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