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The biggest waterfalls in the National Park Plitviсka Jezera (Plitvice Lakes) is Veliki Slap with its 78 meters, located at the lower lakes and Galovacki buk with its 25 meters at the upper lakes.

Veliki Slap is also the highest waterfall in the Plitvice National Park and is situated near Plitvica Selo at the end of the lakes, near entrance 1 of the national park, north of the big hotels. This is the most beautiful part of the Plitvice National Park, certainly when standing at the river side at entrance 1 (Ulaz 1) when having a great view on Veliki slap and the end of the lakes.

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53231, Plitvica Selo


(6 reviews)
very good!!!
We went hiking at the park and the viewpoints were amazing. We visited the waterfall and the experience was unmatched.
The waters flowed so beautifully with power from the top, the vegetation was very healthy and climate very charming, absolutely worth visiting
Watching the magnificent streams of water descend down the hill was therapeutic. I took soo many pictures and videos to show my kids.
I had a memorable moment hiking to the top the top of the waterfall. The water was white and the view from the top was spectacular
My famiily and i enjoyed a picnic by the waterfall and its view was breathtaking
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