Kozjak lake


The largest lake in Plitvice has an area of ​​81.5 hectares, and also a depth of 47 m, which makes it the deepest. A boat is leaving Lake Kozjak, heading towards Gradinsko Lake. This is where the real series of breathtaking waterfalls begins, and the 'prshtavci', ie the Big and the Small Prshtavac, are especially thrilling. The name Kozjak comes from goats which, according to legend, fleeing from wolves, crossed the frozen lake and perished in the ice.

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53231, Plitvička Jezera


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very good!!!
The lustrous green vegetation sorrounding the lake offer picturesque properties. I loved making a collage of the numerous photos I had taken.
we went early with the family before the crowds started trooping in. our boat which was silent allowed us to enjoy nature in its raw beautiful form. the colors, the vegetation the waterfalls are a wonder indeed
We enjoyed the boat ride on the lakes with green waters and beautiful view of the picturesque landscape. Wonderful sightseeing tour.
The lake is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of hills and corloful vegetation. It has calm waters and the sounds of nature were music to my ears.
A beautiful lake situated between two mountains. I enjoyed the view while walking around the mountains. l had never seen such a beautiful lake and I enjoyed every minute of it.
somehow this lake lived upto its praises. I watched the numerous waterfalls, that are around here and it is spectacular. make a point to visit whenever in Croatia
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