Stefanija's islet


Visit Stefanija's islet on Lake Kozjak. The islet was named in honor of Queen Shtefanija who visited Plitvice Lakes on September 5, 1888. Queen Shtefanija was the first woman from the Croatian famous Hapsburg-Lotharin dynasty to visit the lakes 70 years after the queen and Empress Caroline visited in mid - June, 1818.

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53231, Plitvička Jezera


(13 reviews)
very good!!!
The rich vegetation at the island is one remember as i enjoyed the diverse flora that exist at the place. The place was therapeutic and refreshing and every moment to me was a complete therapy.
Sights of the amazing turquoise waters of the sea are one to look forward to and the beautiful landscape that showcase the amazing thing are pure bliss. I enjoyed myself and the trip to Shtefanija's islet was worth it.
I really loved my stay here. The view and the weather were amazing. I also enjoyed surfing on its waters.
Amazing small island that we visited with my fiancee for a vacation and the experience was phenomenal. i enjoyed myself and had a great time with minimal people at the place as it wasn't crowded.
This islet surpassed my imagination. It was beautiful with amazing coral reefs and the history behind its name was astonishing. The boat ride was amazing.
I enjoyed walking through the small Island and discovering the life present in the location.
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