Sapavac Beach


Sapavac Beach is special for its sandy terrain, which has a pronounced red color. In addition to sand, many parts are overgrown with grass and the beach in contact with the sea obscures the water, because the soil contains a large amount of land. They say this mud cures rheumatic diseases. The beach is overgrown with pine trees, has plenty of shade for its guests and nearby is the eponymous car camp. Guests of the mentioned camp come to the beach, but everyone else is also welcome. For those who like walking and sightseeing, it is important to mention the historic tower Kaštelina, which is nearby so you can go sightseeing. 

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public beach


Vir island

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Sapavac ul. 12, 23234, Vir


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There is a beautiful tower just by the coastline and offers a great sightseeing point of the sea and beach, the pine trees and sand were very beautiful sight to see. The sun hits different here i loved every moment of it
From the long, straight sandy beaches that are ideal for morning runs, riding, walking and even kite flying to the plenty of shade provided by the tall pine trees, the beach is awesome to enjoy your summer vacation. There is also historical sites around where you can visit
The shade offered by the pine trees in this sandy beach offer the ideal place to just relax in the summer heat, this beach is still beautiuflly all natural with some parts of it overgrown with grass. Th emud here they say cures rheumatic diseases, doesnt this make you want to just visit it to just see the place. The walk here is just wonderful with a lot of sights to se such as the hsitoric tower of Kaštelina. Would recommend this place.
very good!!!
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