Plav Beach


The pebble beach Plav in the town of Krk has a pebble part and larger paved flat plateaus that are ideal for long sunbathing. It is located in the western part of the town of Krk, near the camp Jezhevac. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, visitors to this beach can also enjoy the shade of the beach bar.
In addition, here you will be able to rent a boat to continue the search for other beautiful pebble beaches located near the beach Plav. If you want to visit the nearby bays of pebble beaches on foot, take a walk in the woods, follow the hiking trail whose shade will make your walk pleasant!

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The beauty in Plav beach is on of its kind. i spend the evening there watching the beautiful sun as it set in the horizon. behind me was the lush green vegetation which made the air fresh and clean. its was indeed worth it to take this break from the the city to Plav beach
The beach has nice shades which makes nature walk so enticing. I visited the beach last Christmas and I would genuinely confess that that was the best Christmas ever. The place is suitable for swimming and sunbathing.
Plav beach is beautiful.The paved flat plateaus here are so ideal for sunbathing. If you like hiking like I do, then you will enjoy the hiking trail towards other pebble beaches nearby. It's the fact that you can not only enjoy Plav beach alone,you can trail to other beaches that fascinated me.Loved this place!
very good!!!
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