Jezevac Beach


Jezevac Beach is a rather shallow pebble beach with a pebble bottom, and is located in the camp of the same name, which is located about 10 minutes from the center of Krk. You can easily reach this beach on foot, or by bike or car, which you can leave in the nearby parking lot. The beach is the winner of the Blue Flag, which is proof of the quality and purity of the sea. On the beach there are outdoor showers available to everyone, and you can also rent deck chairs and parasols.

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This Blue Flag pebbled beach is located in Jezevac campp and is a few mknutes a way from the city center making it easily accessible. It was great to camp and have a chance to hangout at the beach with my friends during our stay. It has outdoor showers and one can rent deck chairs and parasols, making it a nice place to visit. Truly a commendable place.
It was great to have the children lose themselves in the variety of games in this beautiful location. I relaxed on the beach listening to music while carefully watching them. It was relaxing to get out of the house and take in the beautiful nature.
I would prefer you to visit this beach with your partner. this place is just romantic. take a walk along the long soft sanded beach and ensure you do it in the evening to enjoy the setting sun.
very good!!!
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