Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Originally, this was a three-nave early Christian basilica from the 5th century built on the remains of a Roman baths. Next to the Cathedral, on the north side, was a baptistery. Today's three-nave Romanesque cathedral from the XII. century it was repeatedly rebuilt and rebuilt. The cathedral got its bell tower only in the 16th century. In 1767, instead of the former pointed peak, a baroque dome of the bell tower was built and a wooden angel was placed. Today's angel is made in 1973 from polyester and is a replica of the original sculpture. It is a valuable example of Romanesque architecture of the XII. century. This three-nave church is built of white local stone, in Croatia it is the only old church on the first floor. It was connected to the Cathedral as its matroneum - a post from which women accompanied the Mass. CHURCH OF ST. MARGARITE This two-nave church is a rare example of an unadulterated Romanesque space. Unlike the usual east-west orientation, the axis of this church extends in a north-south direction. It is characterized by almost perfect acoustics.

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