Golden Bay Beach


Golden Bay Beach, among the inhabitants of Krk, is also called Velo Celo beach. It is located not far from Stara Baška and is very popular among boaters. It is actually a beautiful cove with a pebble beach guarded from the public eye by high steep cliffs making the landscape almost perfect for a postcard. The sea here is clean, warm and clear and the access and entrance to the sea are gentle and great for all ages. Unfortunately, it is impossible to reach the beach on foot, ie access from the island side only from the sea. There are no additional facilities or facilities in the bay. Here you can also see griffon vultures, which are protected.

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If you love boat riding then this will be a perfect place for boat riding. The beach is clear perfect for a good swim. I loved the high cliffs that surround the beach they make a perfect spot for taking pictures while you are here.
My son loved hiking on the steep cliffs in this location with his father. I particularly enjoyed touring the beach and taking beautiful pictures. I was awed by the beautiful nature and life in the location.
The boat ride to this p[ebble beach gives you a chance to appreciate thebeauty of this sea, and when you arrive on the beautiful cove that hosts this beach the beauty is even more apparent.The sea here is clean, warm and clear with a gentle access.The griffon vultures are also a sight to behold, it is best to carry anything you need when vsiting this beach.
very good!!!
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