Dubna Beach


Hiking buffs will find this beach easily accessible - it can be reached in no more than a two hours’ walk from Bashka, even less depending on your pace. Not a lot of people take the trail, and if you do you should be well prepared and take all the precautions based on the weather, the season and the terrain.


The Dubna Beach is worth the hike, though. For one, you won’t find any crowds here, even at the height of the tourist season. The beautiful crystal blue sea and the pebbled beach will quite likely be yours only to enjoy.

The sea is shallow here and the seabed slightly rocky; this is a wild natural beach so you won’t find any amenities here. 


If packing a beach umbrella and anything else you might need and carrying it with you on foot might be too much, you can always rent a taxi boat from Bashka. If you have your own boat you won’t have any trouble heading out for a perfectly wonderful and undisturbed day on the beach.

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(4 reviews)
The evening walk along Dubna beach is indeed worth trying. It is great for walking: you can go on the cliffs above the beach and on the beach itself. The beach is well maintained by the local authorities. The washrooms are also well kept. I indeed enjoyed my stay two night camp there.
If you like taking adventures then this is the place to be. The beach was quite beautiful and the sea was eye catching.The trail walk was also something I liked and the fact that I went there on a cool day just made things more ideal. Really loved the adventure.
First time here and YOU really have to go! The place is great and the atmosphere is chill and cool, the breeze was warm and elegant, i also enjoyed swimming in these waters. Dubna is elegant with an awesome vibe. Loved this place!
very good!!!
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