Mala luka Beach


About one kilometer north of the Vela luka beach you’ll find a charming little bay with a beach aptly named Mala luka (or ‘Little port’). The landscape here is adorably rustic: small hillsides covered with low grass and some rocks reach the shore composed of pebbles and small stones, and an occasional sheep slowly moving across it.

The sea bed is a mix of pebbles, sand and rocks, depending on where you are on the beach, but the sea is shallow with easy water access.

There is not a lot of natural shade here, so you’ll be able to rent beach umbrellas in case you can’t find any, along with deck chairs. There is a small bar near the beach that offers a selection of fish dishes and refreshments.The beach is not accessible by car, but there’s a hiking trail that will take you to it. This trail is a part of the route that takes you to Vela luka beach, but it is well marked, and with a map on hand you won’t get lost. You can park your car near the start of the trail, though (charges apply in during the summer season). If you’re not into hiking you can rent a taxi boat from Bashka that will take you directly to the beach. 


If you want to enjoy a bucolic day in nature and still have a beach close by Mala luka is just the place for you: there won’t be much to interrupt your peace and quietness as you enjoy in the blend of countryside landscape and seascape.

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The pebbles, sand and rocks beach had no natural shade and we rented umbrella and deck chairs too. Peaceful place that we enjoyed a hike around the place and loved the scenic views of the sea and landscape and had a delicious meal that crowned the great day on the trip.
I visited one of the nearby restaurant where I was served fresh fish with tasty drinks. One can gets protection Fong the strong rays of sun from the natural shades around. it is a cool place and one will not get any disturbance
We enjoyed a hike along the area that led us to this particular beach. It is pebbly mostly and there are parts that have small stones. It has a really adorable landscape which is a bit rustic..small hillsides covered in some low grass. It does not have a natural shade but you can rent a parasol or umbrella. The mini bar next to the beach offers a variety of fish dishes and cool refreshments. The sea is shallow and has a mixture of sand, pebbles and rocks. You are able to enjoy both nature and have the beach at your disposal at Mala Luka.Fun fact, the name Mala Luka means Little Port.
it is a charming paradise that attracts many visitors as it has small hillsides surrounded by greenery grass. The sea is shallow which made me engage in water boarding. The beach is adorable and I will recommend anyone to spend his holiday here
We had a bucolic day with nature when we first arrived to this charming little bay. We took a hiking trail that is well marked, and with a map on hand you won't get lost. This is because i is the same route used by another beach. Be sure to enjoy the blend of countryside landscape and seascape.
very good!!!
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