The village is scattered around a small bay, protected from strong winds, and on the nearby hills. Lumbarda faces the Peljeshac peninsula, the mainland of Croatia, and an archipelago of tiny beautiful islands, where in summer kayakers and rowers sail in clear sea waters enjoying the view. The fertile sandy soil has made Lumbarda famous among wine destinations. Here you will not see a bunch of people looking for architectural gems or museums, but you will meet lovers of delicious white wine who come especially for wine tasting in local vineyards for centuries in the company of delicious Dalmatian cuisine. The longest is called Przhina. You can ask the crew to take you there in case you want to feel the sand under your feet or maybe even build sand castles like we all did when we were kids.

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Lumbarda bb, 20263, Lumbarda


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It is the most visited place during summer holidays with full of natural physical features. The hills around this place are so important because they protect it from damages due to strong winds. Amazing area to stay.
For lovers of wine tasting, this is the place to be. There is an accompaniment of delicious Dalmatian foods and you are most likely going to want to stay here forever. One can be taken to feel the sand under their feet right at the shore and even watch the blue waters of the sea and feel the gentle breeze on your face. It is not crowded and this makes it ideal for when you want to relax.
Charming beach and the kids loved the sandy beaches as they built sand castles as they were playing. Lots of places to visit at the bays and the views were amazing and we couldn't agree less. it offered best activities including kayaking and it was fun throughout.
I took some tasty wines and packed some for my family a home. Feeling the warm sand around my feet reminded me of my childhood age. Great memories.
We visited the village with my parents and enjoyed kayaking and rowing sail in the clear sea waters enjoying the view. We later visited the local vineyards for some delicious white wine tasting and mum ordered some to go back home with.
very good!!!
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