Przina Beach


Przina Beach is the only sandy beach hidden by the island of Korchula. It is located southeast of Lumbarda and is certainly one of the most popular beaches in this part of the island and throughout the island. Around the beach you will find several popular cafes, a restaurant, a beach volleyball court and various beach entertainment services. The sea is very shallow which makes Pržina very suitable for families with children.

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Adventurous place and we enjoyed the best of the beach bar parties that were entertaining. Enjoyable nights with great Djs and good music that was played all along. The days too had the best in mind for us.
Cafes and restaurants present at the beach were among the best things to visit at when we were at the beach. We enjoyed the best of the meals and dishes as well as drinks from breakfast to lunch and even dinner. The diverse menu gets the best out of us and we loved the experience.
We visited the sandy beach with my family and the experience was exceptional. We had a good time at the beach as we enjoyed the playing volleyball and other activities with friends. Remarkable place and moments that i loved n cherish.
very good!!!
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