Krsan's tower


On a hill near a large field is Krsan's tower, the remains of a beautiful medieval castle. Around this magnificent stone tower, a small town developed, today's Krshan, as the center of the municipality of the same name. In the 19th century, a transcript of the Istrian book on borders was found here.

Only the four-sided tower of the old castle has been preserved. Later, defensive and residential buildings were erected around the tower. The castle could be entered by a staircase located at the entrance connected to the covered courtyard with a cistern in its center. The courtyard was later opened to the city after the door was opened. Together with the dominant tower, the castle complex in Krshan consists of several rooms for staff and weapons, a large building used as the residence of the property owner and a large separate kitchen. This place today exudes a rich history and is certainly an unavoidable place when traveling through Istria.

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