Drunk Railroad


The railway with an unusual name and even more unusual appearance is located in the eastern part of Istria, not far from the medieval settlement of Kozhljak.

It used to connect Lupoglav and Shtalije, so you will find it under the name Lupoglav Shtalije and on the Internet. It is located at the foot of Uchka, so its southernmost slopes keep your back, while in front of you is a beautiful panoramic view of the greenery of Chepichko polje. Today, this railway is collapsed, and in some places even hangs. But the most interesting part is the part where they call it the "drunk track". It goes a little obliquely, then abruptly down, abruptly upwards… Just like that - drunk. The railway, about 50 kilometers long, was built after the Second World War in well-known work actions, but it did not live long. It was used for passenger transport, as well as the transport of goods, and today it is a bit unusual, but a beautiful "path" for walking.

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