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Ethnographic collection of Moshchenice aims to preserve and showcase the old ways of life in this mountain village through a number of exhibits and artefacts on display.

The old kitchenware, including the old stove, dishes and the stone hearth, tell the story of the kitchen as the center of family life in the old times. The collection pertaining to the agriculture, fishing and crafts will show you how the people of Moshchenica earned their keep long ago.

You’ll also be able to see the traditional dress and jewellery of the area, visually perhaps the most interesting exhibits of all. The collection is located in a two-storey house in the old part of the village. While the collection is housed in the upper parts of the house, in the basement you’ll be able to taste the local brandy, wine, and figs.

The tour of the collection will also take you down the streets of Moshchenice to visit the Church of St. Andrew and several other sites.

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Mošćenice bb, 51417, Mošćenice


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