House of the sea


The House of the sea serves as an interpretive center of the Eco Museum of Moshchenichka Draga and contains several collections of exhibits and artefacts.

The collection Ribarija aims to preserve the fishing traditions, including the process of using salt as a fish conservation method, and the fishnet repair techniques. Various fishing tools, including fishing nets, are on display, and have been provided in part by the local community.

This collection also presents the role women played in the fishing enterprise in this area. The collection Boats of Kvarner (Male barke Kvarnera) is concerned with the traditions of local shipbuilding. For this purpose a model workshop has been created, complete with all the tools, blueprints and models showcasing the shipbuilding process in the area.

The collection “My Grandpa was a sailor, too” (‘I moj nono je navigal’) preserves the maritime traditions of Moshchenichka Draga area, all the way from the times of the old sailing ships and steamboats to the modern maritime era. The display includes navigation tools and instruments and signal flags, as well as various multimedia content regarding the subject matter.

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