Church of St. George


Romanesque Church of St. George from the 11th century, the first Plomin parish church dominated by a Romanesque bell tower 15 m high, one of the three Romanesque bell towers preserved in Istria. The church is widely known for the 11th century Plomin Plate, built on the outer wall. The Plomin inscription is a stone slab with a relief depiction of the Illyrian-Roman god Silvanus - the ancient protector of flora and fauna, and a subsequently added Glagolitic inscription. It is possible that the church was built on the site of a former Illyrian temple. The Glagolitic inscription on the relief is one of the oldest found Glagolitic inscriptions in general. It is interesting that St. George took spring, crops and horsemen under his protection. Probably because of that, he gave Plomin a heavenly Istrian bell. It is important to mention the Church of St. George also because of the votive gifts of the Plomin sailors who prayed here for protection and well-being. Yet it is a city of sailors and shipowners.

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