Korita bay


This bay is located at about a kilometer away from the center of Zaklopatica and is a hidden cove surrounded by a dense forest.

Being a wild kind of a place it does not have any amenities, but it offers lots of natural shade, amazingly clear blue sea and privacy. While the sea comes in shallow here the sea bed might be a bit rough, made of larger stones and some rocks, so be sure to take some kind of swimming shoes with you.

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public beach



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20290, Lastovo


(6 reviews)
This beach offered us with the privacy we needed. We had a good time for ourselves and more so to bond with my fiancee. Recommended to couples who want a private vacation
I love the wild and my girlfriend now understands why i am fascinated with this beach. It is well hidden and surrounded by dense forest. Though the sea bed is a bit rough with large stones and some rocks it offers lots of natural shade, amazingly clear blue sea and privacy.
The dense forests offered us with natural shades to protect us from the summer heat. I enjoyed the magnificent views of the blue turquoise water which dazzled when sun rays hit the water. This beach is not crowded, if looking for a peaceful spot for meditation then is the place to be.
It is more of a wild place with lots of natural shade and a beautiful clear sea with enough privacy. The sea bed is also rocky with larger stones. It is the perfect place for an introvert like me and i enjoyed every moment of it
The natural shade from the forest offered a great chance of enjoying at the beach as we went swimming at the sparkling sea. We enjoyed the views of the sea and landscape and it was the best feeling.
very good!!!
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