Guide through the island of Lastovo


1. Island of Lastovo and its archipelago

Lastovo and its archipelago are the southernmost islands of the Croatian coast, consisting of Lastovo Island, Susac Island, the islands of Lastovnjaci and the islands of Vrhovnjaci. It’s mild Mediterranean climate is sometimes referred to as “the olive climate”, full of sunshine and temperatures rarely or never going over 25 C.

The entire Lastovo archipelago is also the youngest of Croatian nature parks, having been given that title in 2006. Aside from its stunning natural beauty, the island is famous for being known as one of the least light-polluted places in the world. This makes star-gazing here a particularly lovely and romantic experience. 

2. Island of Lastovo

According to myth, the Greek gods considered Lastovo one of the most beautiful islands in the world. With its lush Mediterranean forests and an incredibly clear sea, it is easy to see why. There is only one species of snakes living on the island (and it’s a non-venomous one) which is why Lastovo is sometimes referred to as the island with no snakes.

3. Town of Lastovo

The aerial view of the town of Lastovo is quite breathtaking: stone houses, churches, and rooftops dotted with the famous Fumari chimneys, all spilling over into the valley beneath the hill, in the shape of a Roman amphitheatre, with the Fort Lastovo towering over them all.

This medieval town and its cultural heritage are a must-see, even if you’ve come to the nature park to enjoy the thick woods and the natural beauty of the island.

4. Parish church of St. Cosmas and Damian

This gorgeous church was originally built in the 15th century, and then expanded in the centuries following it, so its architecture and interior decor are a mix of four different stylistic periods.

5. Kascel Lastovo - Fort Lastovo

Towering over the town of Lastovo, the remains of Fort Lastovo speak of some of the most turbulent events in the island’s history.

It is also the home to the meteorological station and if you climb that high the view will be amazing.

6. Mihajla cove and beach

This cove is the location of an old mill once used in the production of olive oil. You can pack your things for a full-day stay here because the beach is equipped with all the basic amenities and a charming cafe bar.

7. Lucica cove

This incredibly charming spot near the town of Lastovo was once a fishing village. Its stone houses, built back to back, and the evergreen vegetation surrounding them form a beautiful Mediterranean vista full of old charm.

While there are no additional amenities on the beach, its easy water access makes this a great place for the children and the elderly.

8. Zaklopatica

This quiet little resort on the north of the island is one of the favourite spots for boaters, since the bay is practically sheltered from all sides. There are less than twenty houses here, and all are holiday homes and villas, with several excellent restaurants offering mooring sites.

9. Korita Bay

Lovely little bay, most easily accessed at a spot where it meets the village Zaklopatica. This wild place will delight you with its pristine scenery and lots of natural shade.

10. Pasadur

This village is a favourite with the boaters and yachtsmen since the bay it lies in makes a great place for anchoring and mooring.

11. Church of St. Raphael

Although only ruins remain of this church it used to have a residential section adjacent to it and was built in the late-Gothic style.

12. Ubli

This small resort on the south-western side of the island is best known for the remains of the early-Christian basilica of St. Peter and the Church of St. Luke, the oldest preserved church, built in the 11th century.

Ubli doubles as a ferry port with lines to other islands and the mainland.

13. St Luke’s Chapel

This cute little church is really a chapel and a great mix of various styles that define its architecture as Byzantine, Dalmatian and pre-Romanesque. It is the oldest preserved church on the island, built in the 11th century.

14. Portorus - The Hidden Port

Surrounded by hillsides and a small cape, this beautiful cove is hidden from the sight of the open sea and thus protected from strong winds. Since it also happens to be one of the largest bays on the island it’s a great choice for boaters.

However, the gorgeous pine forests and the wonderful calm sea make this cove a very attractive tourist location as well.

15. Lighthouse Struga

The solitary crown of the Hidden Port, beautiful in its perceived solitude, this lighthouse was built in 1839 and offers holiday accommodation.

16. Hum

If you’re up for a bit of hiking uphill, go ahead towards Hum, the hill that peaks at 417 meters. You won’t have to worry about how to get there since the hiking trails are well marked. If you’re reluctant, just think of the stunning view of the entire Lastovo island waiting for you at the top.

17. Church of St. George, Hum

This tiny church is a part of Lastovo’s religious history, and the central part in a legend that talks about how the Powers-That-Be helped the people of Lastovo fend off a pirate attack.

18. Raca Cave

A protected site of nature and a protected archaeological site, this cave was once the home to the Neolithic humans, followed by their Bronze Age descendants. Today, aside from visitors, it is a sanctuary for a colony of bats, some of which are on the protected species list.

Lastovo Nature Park archipelago

The island’s archipelago consists of forty six islands, islets, reefs and rocks, all stretched over 143 square meters of sea surface. The islands of Prezba, Mrcara, Kopist and Susac are located in the near vicinity of Lastovo island, with the Susac being the largest of them.

The rest of the islets comprise two island groups: the Lastovnjaci Islands and the Vrhovnjaci Islands.

19. Susac Island and Lighthouse

The Susac island is a child of wilderness - a part of its coastline is bordered by cliffs, its small bay is both an archaeological site and a port exposed to winds, and there is no hiking trail leading to its highest peak. Rough as it is, it’s the kind of a precious place for adventurers and all those looking for an authentic Mediterranean Dream experience, a place worth visiting to stay in its lighthouse and walk endlessly, disconnected from the world, with the fragrance of lavender following you wherever you go.

20. Prezba Island

With fourteen kilometers of coastline, this island has a number of bays and coves you can visit for a private day on the beach away from crowds. Its bay is a great place to anchor if you’re coming to Lastovo by boat.

21. Bay of St.George

This bay doubles as a port and is a great place to moor or anchor if you’re coming to Lastovo by boat or renting one for your exploration of it. Given that it used to be a military port in the Second World War, its supporting infrastructure is pretty great.

22. Lastovnjaci Islands

This set of islands is made up of seventeen islets and reefs, none of which have permanent residents. Because there is no continuous human presence on any of these islands their nature is wild and pristine. 

23. Islet Mladine and the Saplun beach

This far-away islet is worth visiting, especially if you can get your hands on a boat or a yacht, as it can boast a unique beach that looks a lot like paradise.

24. Vrhovnjaci Islands

The only inhabited island in this small group consisting of five islets is the Glavat Island with its lighthouse.

25. Glavat Island and Lighthouse

Glavat Lighthouse might as well serve as a monument to the Austrian administration that erected it, standing strong and proud on this islet since 1884.

The Glavat island has been here since the mythological times - if the legend surrounding it is true - and was brought into existence through the workings of Greek gods.

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