Jarsan Beach


Jarsan Beach is also called Virgin Beach. It is located in Igrane near Makarska. The beach is completely pebble with gentle access to the sea. The sea is clean, crystal clear and of top quality. The beach is a bit lonely and is mostly exposed to the sun, while the part behind the coast is actually in the vegetation. The underwater world is also rich, so be sure to bring a diving mask. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so be sure to equip yourself well if you decide to visit Jarsan Beach.

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I went diving to discover the beautiful underworld. The aquatic life in this location is surreal and breathtaking. My wife and kids enjoyed basking on the beach and playing games. It was a great bonding escapade.
This pebble beach has a gentle accesst to the clean, crystal clear sea. This beach has a sun exposed side and a vegetation covered side. I enjoyed getting to dive into this sea and just taking in the rich underwater world. Carry anything you wil need during your day out there because it lacks additional facilities.Oh, don't forget a diving mask when you visit.
Jarsan beach gave me value for money when I visited. It is a beautiful beach with crystal clear water and very good visibity to the horizon. There is a number of people who hires out boats which you could use to go for a ride.
very good!!!
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