The island of Palagruza


Even though the only people living on Palagruzha today are the keepers of its lighthouse, archaeological findings testify it was inhabited in the post-glacial era. In addition to that, there was a monastery on the island during the Middle Ages, the remains of which have survived into the 21st century. The sea around Palagruzha is rich in fish and lobsters so it’s no wonder the fishermen of Komizha have been occasionally sailing to this remote location since the 14th century.


Apart from the lighthouse keepers, this reef is home to lizards, and several endemic plants, including centaurea friderici and the muscari speciosum, two plants native to Palagruzha. The rest of the vegetation belongs to the subtropical category, flourishing in the mild climate with very little precipitation.


Although we call Palagruža an island, it is actually a narrow reef, the top of an underwater complex of rocks, some of which are 220 million years old. Despite the inaccessible terrain, there are two beaches here, Zora and Stara Vlaka. Although you might think that a place like this is way too remote, you can book a holiday in an apartment situated in the lighthouse.

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