Dva Oka Lakes (Two Eyes Lakes)


These twin lakes are only about forty meters in radius each and between six and ten meters deep, but they are one of the most beautiful sites of nature in the whole of Imotski region. In fact, we would venture to say they are THE most beautiful thing in the Imotski landscape, a scenery that could have come from the most picturesque of fairy tales.

In late Spring and Summer, when the poplar and ash trees that arch around them are in wild bloom the lakes beam with green and blue shades, evoking the sense of youth and magic. In Autumn, their striking cerulean blue nuance stands in an amazing contrast to the red-and-yellow dotted heads of trees, a sight that is nothing short of poetry. In Winter and early Spring, when they gaze openly at the sky, their calm, clear and glassy surface reflects the cool colours around them and pulls the observer into a deep tranquillity.

These two brilliant lakes are also known among the locals as the Big Lake and the Little Lake, and are one of the six springs of the river Vrljika. When visiting, and we can not stress this enough - do not forget to take your camera.

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